Monsoon Camp 2024: Everything we're doing to prepare for the rainy season

Monsoon Camp 2024: Everything we're doing to prepare for the rainy season

The monsoon season is upon us, and we are prepared to make sure your commutes are as comfortable, convenient, and safe as they can be. Here's how:

On Time Arrivals

- Schedule Updated Weekly: The schedulelast-minute on app will reflect updated travel times as per on-ground reality.

- Backup Buses: Designated backup buses will be on standby to contain any last-minuteand operations issues.

- Alternate Route Planning: So you keep moving in case of roadblocks, diversions, and waterlogging.

- Real-Time Updates: Upgraded live-tracking system, with proactive updates on potential delays, and a schedule changes.

- Customer Support Boost: Provision for additional bandwidth on days with a high inflow of customer calls.

- Cancellation Flexibility: If the bus is delayed by >15 min and you haven’t boarded, you can cancel and receive a full refund.

Pro-tip: We recommend also using the bus chat feature to stay connected with co-passengers to get on-ground info quickly. Our support team is available to answer questions in any case.
Clean, hygienic, dry bus environment

- Enhanced Cleaning: Increased focus, wash frequency of interiors. Rubber insulations installed to contain leaks. Air fresheners are replenished to keep bad odour at bay.

- Less Water Usage: Less water-intensive cleaning methods being employed, so that seats & surfaces dry in time for their trips.

- Handy Amenities: New umbrella buckets to store your wet umbrellas. Portable vacuum cleaners for a mobile cleaning team.

- Pest Control: No seats for mosquitos on this bus.

Safe & Secure Journeys

- 31-checkpoint audit: Rigorous, periodic maintenance checks of buses to ensure their uptime and overall ride safety.

- Driver Training: On safe driving and alternate routes during bad weather. Multi-lingual to improve efficacy. 

- Anti-Slip Floor Mats: For safe passenger movement along the aisle.

- Early and Late Departures: Based on weather conditions and passenger demand, we will update our schedule to avoid bad weather and traffic.

We’re making sure our Quality Control team is equipped with the appropriate safety and cleaning equipment so that they can undertake their work effectively and safely, during heavy rain. Good working conditions make for better work.

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