Everyone is at home in lockdown. Waiting for it to be all over. Mumbai, the city that is always on the move, vibrant and happening, has come to a halt. Mumbai, the city that never sleeps, is dreaming.

When it all started, people were not sure whether it would affect our country. When it all started, people were not sure whether it would affect.. Mumbai.

Before it all started, work at Cityflo was in full force. I'd often come to office and see people lost in discussions, debating ideas, implementing initiatives. The energy always put a smile on my face as I made my way to my desk. So many people from so many different backgrounds working in a space with so many different ideas! Life inside this space has its own vibe. It's why I love it here!

When the first COVID-19 cases were identified in Mumbai, things went into a different gear altogether. Our team began researching for sanitisers and disinfectants to be ordered while they ate their lunch. Drivers were being trained. Calls were being answered with the utmost positive responses. Being a company that transports people, it was a hit to the business. However, work-from-home updates were communicated so that our customers stayed safe. In any other company, we might have been asked to go about our day like any other business day. However we were promptly told to work from home.

At the same time, the ground team was also making sure that buses were being cleaned and disinfected. That sanitisers were installed in all the buses. Masks were provided to our drivers and communication to maintain social distancing was reiterated to both, our customers and our team. Being relatively new to the company, I felt proud. The empathy the team showed added even more respect to what I already felt for them.

Everyone plays a part in keeping this cycle going. Today it's a lock down and we have no services on road but even then I love that we value humanity, safety and health above money. We are and will always be open to the real heroes who need our help out there.

In these times, it can be easy to ignore those who do their bit in the smallest ways to keep us safe daily - our drivers. The entire Cityflo family, including the team and the commuters who ride with us everyday are thankful to them in the sincerest way possible.

The lockdown has been implemented till 14 April 2020 - all in the best interest of humanity. I request everyone to be extra careful. For yourself, and for those around you. Stay safe.

These are tough times. It's also a time to keep our differences aside and fight this together.

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