The Pause

The Pause

Contributed by Angeline Mathew, who works as a Deputy General Manager at Aditya Birla Group and is a regular Cityflo user. She's making most of her #metime by sharing a positive perspective during this lockdown.

A new mysterious, truly unruly entrant in the universe,
The much dreaded, most googled - novel corona virus.
You have caught mankind unaware and forcefully have shaken us.
Hugs and handshakes are pleasantries and niceties of the past,
Social distancing is the new norm for a while to last.

In books and movies, the theme and plot that we often saw,
And appreciated as someone’s great imagination and creativity,
Today has become a cruel joke - a nightmarish, devastating reality.
Slaying civilizations weak or strong, ripping apart nations big and small,
Triggering panic and chaos, COVID-19 today is the biggest threat of all.

A new term now reverberates in the ears and echoes in the air – “lockdown”.
Offices are shut but work continues, though there is an economic slowdown.
When there is a situation that is unknown, has no precedent and totally new,
It’s not all gloom and doom, there is an opportunity to learn and do for me and you.
Take a pause, introspect and reflect – “when you can’t go out, go within you”.

Unlock this lockdown by the positivity and cheerfulness that resides in you,
Bring out the creativity that is somewhere buried within you.
This is the time to quarantine and self-isolate,
But still in more ways than one you can reach out and connect.
New ties you can forge, mend bridges that were burnt or broken,
Go digital – discover different ways to live, explore new ways how work is to be done.

Unlock the care and compassion of a human heart.
Now is a great time to turn a new leaf and give your dreams a new kick start.
Collaborate, share knowledge, learn and unlearn, as we patiently wait for the end of this lockdown.
May we witness a miracle that is “the novel corona virus - an eternal shutdown”.
May we soon see and live in a Covid-19 free world and win this war hands down.

By Angeline Mathew

Stories of creativity, kindness, and self-care have the power to inspire our community and keep things on the lighter side in these times. Please share yours at . We'd love to hear from you.

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