#FromACityflo - The city through your eyes

On average, Cityflo customers spend about 2 hours on our buses every day. While this time is usually spent napping, reading, or watching a show, we’d like you to take advantage of our large windows, look out and capture moments from the city that may sometimes go unnoticed on your commute.

To do this, we’re launching a photography contest exclusively for Cityflo customers.

The rules are simple

  • Use the bus windows as your frame & capture a picturesque moment(s) of the city
  • Upload these on your social media handles, tag us** and use the hashtag #FromACityflo so we can find your photos
  • Top 3 photos chosen by the Cityflo team will be published on our social media pages, open to popular vote. The photo with the most votes wins.

** Tag us on Instagram: @cityflo.ind, Facebook: @Cityflo, Twitter: @Cityflo_India

The prize

The winner will be announced on Tuesday, August 30th, 5 PM and will win a pair of AirPods Pro.

To start you off with a little inspiration, here’s the city through the eyes of the Cityflo team:

From the little things you may pass in your neighbourhood to the iconic buildings of Mumbai that remind you of a past era, we’re excited to see the city through your eyes.

Things to note

  1. The contest will be live from 17th August - 29th August 2022. The winner will be announced on 30th August 2022 via email and social media.
  2. Proof of native capture will be required of the winner, and copyright will remain with the photographer. However, Cityflo will have the right to use the photographs with due credits given to the photographer for the promotion of the campaign.
  3. Multiple entries are allowed from each individual.
  4. All decisions regarding the contest by the Cityflo team are final and the company reserves the right to change the contest and its rules at any time.
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